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Resume Objective & Contact Details

Thank you for visiting my blog again.
Today, I am going to discuss and share some important tips which can be included, and should be followed while writing a job winning professional resume.

Let’s first understand why we include these details in the resume. Then, we can discuss on different ways to include them in the resume. Taking one at a time, let’s take the resume objective first.

Objective in the resume
Objective or goal or career goal, with whatever names it may be called; is the opening statement of your resume. It is a precise interpretation of your career expectations and desired job profile.

Why is objective important
  1. Your objective helps the employers to identify what kind of job you are looking for, and if your expectations are in synchronization with the actual job he/she has on offer. This helps in reducing the chances of a candidate leaving the job quickly or not fulfilling the job expectations.
  2. It helps you to cast a positive first impression on the employers.

Tips for drafting resume objective
  1. It should be precise and concise.
  2. The language proficiency should be at par with the desired job profile and your level of comprehension.
  3. Keep it small and simple.
Contact details in the resume
We share contact details in the resume basically for three reasons. These are:

  1. To provide contact details in case of situations where employers may want to contact you.
  2. It helps employers to create an impression about your personality. For example, a person from urban area is considered to be much more aware than someone from rural or remote parts. Note that, this may not be always true.
  3. If your area of residence is in proximity with the work area, an employer may find it more feasible to employ you than someone from distant place. The willingness to relocate, and relevant reasons such as boarding and lodging arrangements; are some of the reasons which can influence an employer and applicant’s decision to take up a job opportunity.
Tips for contact details
  1. Always include complete details. It must include complete mailing address (block, street, city, state, country and zip code.
  2. You may also share telephone numbers and email address as these are much popular now-a-days; and are quick and effective.
  3. Include them either at the beginning or the end for quick referral. Sharing contact details at the beginning is much more common and recommended.
These tips given above will help you in drafting an impressive resume objective for your resume which can convey the intended message effectively.

I hope you find the information informative helpful in making your resume influential and gain added advantage.

In our next blog I would be discussing about education details. Your feedback and suggestions would help resume website become a true one stop solution for all your job related queries.

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