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Resume Website: Worried about SOPA and PIPA?

The virtual world, thriving on the freedom provided by internet, which allows almost free access to indefinite amount of information, shared across the globe, at just a mouse click; is at the verge of seeing many giants disappear from the WWW (World Wide Web). All this may happen, and many more, if SOPA and PIPA become reality, in their current form.

If anyone would have tried opening a Wikipedia page on January 18, 2012; he/she would have invariably ended up on a black page, promoting the blackout against the two bills on the floor of US legislation. These two bills are represented by the acronyms SOPA and PIPA, which stand for 'Stop Online Piracy Act' and 'Protect IP Act'.

What are SOPA and PIPA?

Addressing the concerns of entertainment industry against the piracy, lobbied by entertainment mega giants, which inflicts huge losses to them; legislators had come up with laws to discourage, rather bring copyright infringements to an end. The law intends to foster the antipiracy laws, coming hard on defaulters. However, what has been ignored is the impact of it, on the WWW.

In simple words, the SOPA and PIPA law intends to curb the degree of freedom available on the free and open web, vital for the existence of many social web giants such as Wikipedia, facebook, Mozilla, and many more social web based sites.

Why to worry?

Though the laws do not mean that the internet would come to an end, but it does mean that the internet users would find it hard to survive with the limitations imposed. As the law says, it is to bolster the copyright protection laws; all it means is that no more would you be able to share free information, may it be images, maps, and documents etc. everything would come within the purview of copyright infringement watchdog.

For instance, a visitor posts a link at your site which is in violation of copyright laws; this implies that your site domain name would be censored, which means a complete blackout from the WWW. This is the main concern of social networking sites like FaceBook, YouTube and Twitter.

Let's take another common and simple example: The SOPA and PIPA law says a punishment of 5 years for anyone posting copyright content on the web. Now imagine, if you wish to share your favorite song with your friends, and you upload it on YouTube, all it would mean that you have violated the law, and can be punished for the same, and or the site YouTube too can be censored for carrying the video posted by its users.

Though the SOPA and PIPA law says that it intends to bring in the sense of responsibility among sites by making them responsible for all content available on their web pages, what it does not address is that for the professional copyright infringers or pirates, this does not pose much of a problem, as only site names are censored, and not the IP addresses.

Though bigger sites may find it feasible to deploy anti piracy measures, the law would be much of a threat to small sites or business, rather than an advantage.

All this summarizes to one conclusion that though the SOPA and PIPA law is backed by noble intentions, it could have been designed with more precision, for enhanced effectiveness.

Video Resume Website

Video Resume Website: The rising trend

Thinking of a Video resume website may make you wonder and think for a moment, if you really need it? I would suggest ‘YES’.

Video Resume Website

With the increasing competition and changing technology, we have seen the changes taking place, when it comes to creating a resume.

Personal Resume Website Design

Personal Resume Website Design

Continuing our discussion on making a personal resume website, let’s begin with identifying basic components of a resume website. All these elements should be given due care, and are important to make your personal website for the resume visible on the web.

Components of a Personal Resume Website:

Following are the technical aspects of personal resume website which are most important and crucial for designing the website
  • URL, domain name
  • Web host
  • Personalized logo
  • Copy right
  • Resume website template
  • Theme based content
  • Links
Other then these technical aspects, there are other aspect also, which cannot be

standardized accurately and depend a lot upon individual judgment. However, we have made an attempt to select a few aspects which we feel can help you achieve desired objectives for your personal resume website. These are:

Intangible Aspects of Website Designing:

How to Represent your Work Experience in Resume

Now that we have understood how to write the objective and share contact details, let's move on to next important content of the resume – 'Work Experience'.

In this resume website blog, we are going to consider every fine detail which needs to be given due care, to have maximum impact on the readers.

Coming back to work experience, your work experience
details highlight your experience and exposure to diversified job responsibilities. While sharing the same, it should be taken care that the professional impression is not distorted, but reinforced further. The tips shared below can be adhered to for the desired impact.ders, i.e. employers or recruiters. As far as educational details are considered, they can be included before or after the work experience. Depending upon your experience, decision should be made carefully. For inexperienced candidates or those with less experience, educational qualifications should be shared first.

Tips to include Work Experience in your resume effectively

A. Chronological order

Follow a chronological order, with the recent job being the first. Make sure that it is in same pattern as followed for education details and other credentials

Justifying Resume during the Interview

Hey, welcome back to resume website.

Today we are going to discuss on how to justify the resume during the interview. It is the next crucial task which gains importance, after you have grabbed the interview call. All your efforts for drafting the resume can be actually fruitful only if you are able to carry forward the impression created in employers’ minds. This not only requires justifying your credentials shared in the resume, but also supporting them adequately.

In this blog on resume website, let’s discuss on different aspects which you should consider while giving an interview, to reinstate your claim for the job opportunity. For making it simple, I have shared my views and suggestions in simple tips, which can be easily understood and implemented.

Resume Objective & Contact Details

Thank you for visiting my blog again.
Today, I am going to discuss and share some important tips which can be included, and should be followed while writing a job winning professional resume.

Let’s first understand why we include these details in the resume. Then, we can discuss on different ways to include them in the resume. Taking one at a time, let’s take the resume objective first.

Objective in the resume
Objective or goal or career goal, with whatever names it may be called; is the opening statement of your resume. It is a precise interpretation of your career expectations and desired job profile.

Why is objective important
  1. Your objective helps the employers to identify what kind of job you are looking for, and if your expectations are in synchronization with the actual job he/she has on offer. This helps in reducing the chances of a candidate leaving the job quickly or not fulfilling the job expectations.
  2. It helps you to cast a positive first impression on the employers.

Sample Nursing Resume

Having discussed and seen sample accounting resume, let's now move on to sample nursing resume. Note that, here we have to observe the difference in the layout and think of the different formats which are possible. Also, you will see that the key details still remain same, and only their order of occurrence may change depending upon the relevancy and importance in promoting your candidature.

Sample Nursing Resume

Liza G. Savage
4442 Broadcast Drive
North Carolina - 28206
United States
Tel: (704) 232 7802

Career Goal:-
In quest of a nursing job with a reputed healthcare provider with challenging opportunities where my skills and knowledge are brought to best use, and contribute to organizational growth along with personal development.