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How to Represent your Work Experience in Resume

Now that we have understood how to write the objective and share contact details, let's move on to next important content of the resume – 'Work Experience'.

In this resume website blog, we are going to consider every fine detail which needs to be given due care, to have maximum impact on the readers.

Coming back to work experience, your work experience
details highlight your experience and exposure to diversified job responsibilities. While sharing the same, it should be taken care that the professional impression is not distorted, but reinforced further. The tips shared below can be adhered to for the desired impact.ders, i.e. employers or recruiters. As far as educational details are considered, they can be included before or after the work experience. Depending upon your experience, decision should be made carefully. For inexperienced candidates or those with less experience, educational qualifications should be shared first.

Tips to include Work Experience in your resume effectively

A. Chronological order

Follow a chronological order, with the recent job being the first. Make sure that it is in same pattern as followed for education details and other credentials

B. Highlighting the details

Stress more on designation and job responsibilities. You can highlight them either by making the text BOLD or UNDERLINE it. If the organization you have worked with is renowned in the market, the organization name too can be highlighted. If you know that your past and the new organization are competitors in the same market, highlighting the name can be even more helpful.
C. Job responsibilities

Job responsibilities should be shared if the job you are applying to has similar set of responsibilities as you have worked under before. This would certainly provoke the employers to consider your candidature. However, take care that you present them in a uniform pattern with no repetition, and only relevant details. Do not share all responsibilities held if they are not relevant unless specifically asked.
Similarly, if the total number of pages in your resume is exceeding the average limit, you can avoid sharing all responsibilities of all designations held earlier. In such cases, you may share only last held job details.

D. Employment term:

Always include the term served with an organization. It is a major factor which helps employer’s to estimate your reliability and stability. The longer is the duration of these terms, more likely is an employer willing to recruit you, provided other conditions are fulfilled satisfactorily.

Once you have included the work experience details adhering to these tips, you can optimize the chances of your resume being reviewed by the employers.

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