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Top Sample Resume Website and Free Designing Tips

Hi all,
This is the first blog on ‘Resume Websites’. Let me take the opportunity to introduce the blog to all the first time visitors.
This blog has been created as part of our efforts to provide solutions to all resume related queries. To start with, let me share few topics which I feel are crucial for designing a job winning resume, and so would like to include them first. Right from grabbing the employers’ attention to retaining it throughout, and finally convincing them to review your candidature personally; every aspect is crucial for creating the first professional and positive impression.

Topics which would be covered are listed below. Note that, the list is only preemptive and would be gradually developed to include more diverse topics in future postings. To start with, we are going to discuss on following topics, taking one at a time for simplicity and better comprehension.

1. Imaging your best professionalism on paper
a. Resume design
b. Resume content
c. Professional and relevant resume requirements
d. Resume objectives
e. How to include work experience in the resume
f. How to include education qualifications in resume
g. Salary details in the resume
2. Free resume templates
3. Free sample resumes
4. Resume cover letters
5. Other details in the resume
6. Justifying resume during the interview
7. How to do career search
8. Bridging the gap: Your professional profile and the desired job profile
9. How to use resume builder effectively
10. Designing resume with reference to the job description
11. And many more to come

In the mean time, while we are discussing these topics, if you have any other query please post your valuable comment and we would be obliged to discuss it in the next blog post.
Thanking you once again for visiting the page.

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