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Is It Safe to Post My Resume Online?

Now that you are ready with a good resume you need to post it online for employers to access it. Here are the pros and cons for doing the same. Read carefully!
With the advent and advancement of internet, the globe has shrunk to a small village. Most of the industries, whether small ort big, have taken up to online business. All aspects of business, including the recruitment are now widely done over the net. The best example is increasing number of related resume websites and other professional job hunt sites. This invariably emphasizes on the need to promote your candidature online, over the web. Posting resume online is the first step of it, and thus is very crucial for successful job search.
Posting your resume online would open up a plethora of job opportunities for you, making you the king. Internet has provided both the job seekers and job providers with a common platform to promote themselves and make most of the available opportunities. Thus, it is always recommended to post the resume online.

The benefits associated with online resume posting can be summarized as follows:

  1. Huge number of opportunities at a mouse click
  2. Highly economical option
  3. High ROI (return in investment) in terms of time and money spent in searching for job and applying for the same
  4. Quick response cycle
  5. Access to trusted placement assistance agencies
  6. Access to vast number of sample resumes and cover letters
  7. And many more depending upon your ability to explore the web
However, because of the scope of growth and profit making in online job hunt, many fake firms have also crept into business and have made the web insecure. These risks can be avoided by following safety measures such as:

How to counter the risks
  1. Do not divulge your personal details
  2. Always cross verify all advertisements before sending your application
  3. If you find fake job postings, inform the concerned company about the same
  4. Never make any payment unless you are sure about the firm
  5. Verify the website of the recruiting firm by accessing it separately
  6. Always consult the friends and others
  7. Create your profile only with trusted job sites
If you adhere to these simple precautions, you will be able to make the most by posting your resume online and avail benefits of different job openings.
In our upcoming blog we would be discussing on the basics about the resume and then move on to design aspects, talking one at a time.

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