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A Good Resume and What else do I need ?

Just like a dish has many ingredients making it delicious and appealing, so is it for a resume. Irrespective of whether you have a good resume or not, you can always do much more to make it professional and inciting for the employers.

Cooking good food is alone not enough for the customers to order it. It also requires efforts of the service staff to present it impressively and create an urge to order the dish. If you are able to understand the concept, you will be able to relate it in the context of a good resume. You might have referred to many resume samples for creating your resume, but to present it in a professional and impressive way in front of the employers is a challenging task yet again.

A good resume, would also need following supportive efforts in effectively promoting your candidature.

Good resume and what else?

Cover letter
Most important thing in your application, after the resume, is the cover letter. In your absence, as the case is many a times, you need some tool which can present your resume and introduce your candidature in the desired way. Writing the cover letter along with resume is the best way to do so. It not only conveys the desired message effectively, but does so in a personalized way with professional levels at par with that of yours.

How to write an effective cover letter would be discussed in upcoming blogs with every detail being considered, right from the introduction to the concluding lines. You can also refer to cover letter examples for gaining quick access to relevant and concise information, all presented in an easy to understand way, on writing the cover letter for your resume.

Interview preparation
One should not wait for the interview call to start the preparation. Even if this time you are not able to win the opportunity, your preparation can always be helpful in future opportunities, and save your crucial time. This saved time can be used for other preparatory activities, and optimize the selection chances comprehensively.

Certain things which need to be taken care of are mentioned below:

Study of company profile in terms on area of business, operational requirements, competition review, industrial trends etc. This knowledge will also be helpful in making your resume more relevant.
Identify how your skills are compatible with the job description? This would help you to target the employer’s needs and promote your candidature effectively.
Physical appearance is important for creating a professional appearance on first sight itself. You should be well-groomed and presentable for the interview.
Carry all relevant documents with you which you may need to support the credentials shared in the resume.
Be on time. Punctuality is the most important criteria for creating a positive first impression.
Be mentally prepared for the job and willing to take up challenging assignments. This would help you boost your confidence, and cast a professional impression on the employers.

Remember, the age-old saying, “Well begun is half done”.

Wish you all the best!!!

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