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How Many Pages is Your Resume?

Numbers of pages in the resume have never been the important factor. It’s all about the quality and relevancy of the information which the resume has, which can win you the job. Ideally, average number of pages, a resume may contain, range from 1-3. It all depends upon the experience and relevant qualifications included in the resume.

For freshers, a one page resume can be effective and be useful in presenting the information in a precise and concise style. Only in certain situations, where the candidate has lots of experience and qualification, can the resume be of 5 pages. Such resumes are required for higher managerial level positions.

Always remember that, while short listing the resumes, employers look for reasons for not selecting the resume; and so a long time-consuming resume can be a deterring cause. This is because; the employers receive lots of applications for every single open job, and it takes long evaluation and selection process before a candidate is finally selected. All this requires lots of time and efforts, which can be at times crucial factors. Sample resumes can be the best source to acquire knowledge about the suitable format and proper information to be included.

Some precautions which can be taken to reduce the number of pages of your resume are given below. However, remember that do not forcefully cut short the information in your resume. It may have deteriorating effects on your selection chances.

While selecting the format, make sure that it can support the best use of available space for optimal promotion of your candidature.
While formatting, avoid unnecessary spaces and breaks. Don’t use tables excessively as they take more space. Use the TAB button judiciously.
Presenting all information in bulleted lists again consumes more space. You may use a combination of different styles.
Present, only the required information. For example, include the job descriptions only if they are relevant. You need not give job description of all your work experiences, but giving description only for the last job would be enough.
If you are using the cover letter, you may include personal attributes in it and not the resume. This can be done as the last measure to cut the number of pages.
I hope the measures given above will be helpful in drafting a precise and informative resume, which can have greatest impact on the employers, as desired.

In the next post, we would be discussing more things which we need to take care of, so that the efforts put while drafting the resume are effective and rewarding. If you want some more information to be included, please drop a comment.

Until then, wish you a successful job hunt.

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