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Personal Resume Website Design

Personal Resume Website Design

Continuing our discussion on making a personal resume website, let’s begin with identifying basic components of a resume website. All these elements should be given due care, and are important to make your personal website for the resume visible on the web.

Components of a Personal Resume Website:

Following are the technical aspects of personal resume website which are most important and crucial for designing the website
  • URL, domain name
  • Web host
  • Personalized logo
  • Copy right
  • Resume website template
  • Theme based content
  • Links
Other then these technical aspects, there are other aspect also, which cannot be

standardized accurately and depend a lot upon individual judgment. However, we have made an attempt to select a few aspects which we feel can help you achieve desired objectives for your personal resume website. These are:

Intangible Aspects of Website Designing:

Ergonomic: All parameters of designing a resume website, as mentioned above, should be designed keeping in mind their user friendliness. If the user is not able to use it with ease, most probably he/she would move away from the page, which would mean a back click. This is considered as a negative attribute by Google, and can affect your website ranking. Visitors should be able to find required information, to stay on the page.

Relevancy: Continuing from the above given point, if the available information on your resume website is important but not relevant, then too it would be considered as a bad impression on the visitors, and can have undesired effects. For example, if the person is looking for resume objective, and your website has information on resum
e design, than irrespective of how important is the information contained, the user would navigate away from the website.

Accuracy: Even if the information contained is relevant, it should be accurate. It implies that the information should be up to date and precise. If the visitor is looking for resume objective for nursing resume, and your website provides accounting resume objective, than again it would be of little use to him, resulting in back click.

Navigation Ease: If all the above criteria are met, then the last thing is to retain the visitor on your web page. The longer he/she stays views the page, the better it is for the page rank. Ease of navigation is the key to retaining the visitors’ interest. If all the relevant information is easily available, a visitor is more likely going to view other details on the page, as it would save his/her time in searching for other websites.

Visual appearance: All the above mentioned factors would be applicable only if the visitor views you website. This can be achieved by making it attractive, informative and interesting. The design elements of the personal resume website are important at this stage.

From the discussion above, it is clear that no one aspect alone can make your personal resume website impressive, but it’s the balance between all these aspects that would determine the quality and success of the website.

In our next blog, we would be discussing on technical aspects of making a personal resume website. You can even use the website for blogging and make simple money online.

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