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Justifying Resume during the Interview

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Today we are going to discuss on how to justify the resume during the interview. It is the next crucial task which gains importance, after you have grabbed the interview call. All your efforts for drafting the resume can be actually fruitful only if you are able to carry forward the impression created in employers’ minds. This not only requires justifying your credentials shared in the resume, but also supporting them adequately.

In this blog on resume website, let’s discuss on different aspects which you should consider while giving an interview, to reinstate your claim for the job opportunity. For making it simple, I have shared my views and suggestions in simple tips, which can be easily understood and implemented.

Tips for justifying your resume during the interview
  1. Questions asked during the interview
Some questions are very common and are asked by most of the employers. This would cover topics such as: about yourself, why particular job or company, where do you see yourself in 5 years from now, why should we hire you etc. While answering to these questions, you must relate to your career objective and the key skills shared in the interview. Always stress on your USPs (Unique selling propositions) which best fit the desired job profile, and are highlighted in your resume. Employers should not find it difficult to find any information while you are explaining the same.
You may refer to specific sections in the resume to help the employers find the information easily. This becomes even more important if your resume has 3-5 pages. Other than the obvious questions, be prepared for common technical questions relating to your trade or profession.
  1. Documents or certificates
Do carry relevant documents which support your credentials shared in the resume. You may carry other certificates as well which are not mentioned in the resume. if you feel you can mention them during the interview.
  1. Review company profile
Always study the company profile and the prevailing market situation to target the organization requirements. Here, you can discuss the skills which you have identified from the job description. This would help you in
  1. Rehearse well
It is always better to rehearse for the interview. It helps you in gaining more confidence and rectifies the errors if any. For rehearsing you can either do so in front of a friend or a mirror. Remember to maintain the eye-contact (do not stare) with the interviewer. If there a panel of interviewers, try to maintain a balance with emphasis on the panel head.

These tips will not only help you justify your resume effectively, but carry forward the professional image. This will help you optimize your chances of winning the grab opportunity and make your resume a truly job winning resume.
If you have any more interesting ideas, please share them here. I will be pleased to add them in our next resume website blog. You can follow us my email also, and mail your feedback at

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